Shui Lady

A food supplmentary product designed for women, which contains Kacip Fatimah , Mirifica, Manjakani, Traditional kudzu root and Red dates etc.
It helps for breast enlargement and firmness, maintains and improves uterus and ovaries, delays menopause, helps prepare for pregnancy, solves leucorrhea problem, tightens vagina. It also nourishes qi and blood thus maintain good condition of skin.


Spend less and get More! Saisho contains collagen tripetide, Astareal astaxanthin, Phytocelltec grape stem cells, grape seed extract, vit C and etc.

Mainly helps for skin whitening, lightening freckles, moisturizing, acnes issue, anti-aging and etc.

A food supplementary product that suitable for all ages and gender to fulfill their skin goal!


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