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Will ShoShin and SaiSho interact with any medications or other supplements that I am currently taking?

No. All the ingredients are derived from natural plant extract. However, we are encourage to consult a healthcare professional if you need a professional advice.

Is ShoShin and SaiSho gluten-free?

Yes. ShoShin and SaiSho is gluten-free.


It is strongly recommended to complete comprehensive program to see apparent result

Will I lose my muscle mass if I take ShoShin?

No. ShoShin will not reduce your muscle mass. The main fuction of products is reducing the fat mass and decrease the percentage of fat-gaining. Your body will appear even more toned and sculpted.

Can I consume ShoShin and SaiSho if I’m diabetes?

Technically, ShoShin and SaiSho does not raise the blood glucose level. However, it is advisable that you consult your doctor before consuming any products.

When should I take ShoShin and SaiSho if I’m work in shift?

You can just consume based on your meal time. Take the SaiSho when you wake up, and ShoShin before breakfast or heavy meal.

ShoShin has energy boosting effects. Will I still be able to rest and sleep well at night after consuming?

Yes. ShoShin will not affect your quality of sleep.

Will I have diarrhea after taking ShoShin?

No, you will not have diarrhea after taking ShoShin because it does not contain any form of laxatives. Instead, it promotes healthy intestinal environment to encourage natural bowel movements. Thus, the first few days you might go to toilet more frequent as it helps to flush off the accumulated toxin.

Do I still require dieting or exercising?

You do not need a restrict plan for gaining weight loss result. However, we will recommend that you maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise regimen, as it is the best solution to achieving weight-loss goal in long-term.

Can I mix ShoShin and SaiSho with my favourite beverages?

As we mentioned in product information, ShoShin and SaiSho are made with natural ingredients. It taste like juice flavor, thus we recommend you to mix it with cold or warm (not hot) water.

What does ShoShin and SaiSho taste like?

Both taste like berries juice.

How do I take ShoShin and SaiSho?

Simply mix one pack of ShoShin and SaiSho into water and drink it before meal. You do not need to shake or stir it well as it dissolves easily into water. Another option of Saisho is you could pour directly into mouth.

Can I consume both products at the same time?

Yes. We advise you to wait for half an hour after taking SaiSho, only take SshoShin before breakfast.

Is there a minimum age limit for taking ShoShin and SaiSho?

Yes. The suggested age group is 15 years old and above.

Will the result rebound after stop consuming it?

No. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and regular exercise, you are very unlikely to regain the weight you’ve lost. However, improper lifestyle and imbalance diet will certainly influence the result.

Can I continuously taking ShoShin and SaiSho? Any effect of taking it long term?

There’s no restriction for you to taking it continuously, as ShoShin and SaiSho are safety to consume which approved by KKM. We strongly recommend customers to consume with a period not less than 3 months.

I forgot to drink the ShoShin in the morning. What should I do?

It is okay, as you may take it together with your lunch preferably before 1pm.

Can I still take ShoShin if I am skipping my meals?

Yes. However, we strongly advise that you take regular meals to avoid your body’s natural metabolism rate from decreasing as it detects plummeting caloric intake.

I feel a bit thirsty and little bit heaty for first few days after I consume SaiSho, is it normal?

We advise our customer to consume 2-3 liters water per day as SaiSho is very high in antioxidant, it requires body more water to process it.

Can I still take ShoShin and SaiSho if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

You are advised to consult your doctor or dietician before begin taking ShoShin and SaiSho.

When should I stop taking ShoShin and SaiSho?

You can stop whenever you have achieved your targeted body size or see desired skin results. You may also choose to continue to maintain the results.

Is ShoShin and SaiSho suitable for people with vegans?

ShoShin is suitable to be consumed by vegans. SaiSho is not suitable as it made with marine collagen peptide as it proven that this type of collagen is most bioviabiltiy and absorbable by our body..

Is ShoShin and SaiSho caffeine-free?

Yes, ShoShin and SaiSho are free from caffeine.

I have cellulites. Will ShoShin help?

Experts discovered that cellulite is a form of water retention caused by accumulated toxins. ShoShin can reduce your cellulite problems by improving detoxification system and reducing water retention. Thus, it can reduce and prevent the appearance of cellulite.

I can feel slight full and thirsty after taking ShoShin, Is it normal?

It is normal as ShoShin helps to increase satiety. You are advised to take 2-3 liters water per day as ShoShin helps to increase metabolism and our body will need more water to process it.

Do I need to follow any diet plan when taking ShoShin?

We does not stress on strict diet plan as most people would find hard to follow due to restriction of their working/living patterns. You can still enjoy your favourite food, but you can try it in moderate level and practice portion control on meal, or even find healthier substitutes. We also strongly suggest you to maintain moderately active lifestyle, as ShoShin helps to increase your body’s natural metabolism and thus accelerate fat-burning.

Would ShoShin cause me to go to toilet more often?

This might occur during the first few days due to reactions to the accumulated toxin in your body. It will quickly resolve as the body will adapt to the newly enhanced metabolism.

Can I take two sachets ShoShin and SaiSho to achieve faster results?

Yes. Customer can increase consumption based on condition

I just started taking ShoShin and I am experiencing slightly faster heart rate and I sweat more, is that normal?

It is normal as result in natural metabolism rate increased. Key ingredients of ShoShin are formulated to boost up metabolism and thus burning excess body fats. In results, few may regularly feel the heat, sweat more and experience slightly elevated heart rate than before. All of these caused by increased metabolism rate to convert more calories into energy and thus the more your fat is burning. These symptoms normally will disappear after your body has adapted to the new increased metabolism rate. However, for your peace of mind, you may also consult your physician if the symptoms prolong.

Do I need to drink a lot of water when I ShoShin and SaiSho?

Yes, we strongly suggest you drink more water preferably around 2 liter to 3 liter. Water plays important role in the process of boosting metabolism and adsorption.

How much weight can I lose ShoShin?

Based on the tested result, customers can seethe tummy size reduced with ShoShin within two weeks with proper diet and healthy lifestyle. They can see the bigger result on body size reduced with ShoShin within 1 months and 3 months based on individual condition.

How long will SaiSho take to see the effect?

Customers are normally can see the result within 15 days with boosting method. You will see larger changes on skin like lighter dark spots, scar, brighter skin tone and so on within 1 months. It depends on individual absorption condition.

Do I still need to apply sunblock or skin care products?

Yes. SaiSho is help to regenerate your skin from inner. Skin care products like sunblock, lotion and all that are essential protection layer from outer.

Can I drink coffee after taking ShoShin in the morning? Will it affect the functions?

Yes, you can still have your coffee. We suggest to take plain/ brew coffee and not taking instant type of coffee or coffee with less or no sugar and skip the milk and creamer. These normally contain higher calories that you expect.

What if I have the type of body that gain weight very easily, will ShoShin work for me or will I put on more weight? What can I do to make sure that I can get the best results?

ShoShin is designed to boost metabolism and enhance body detoxification to prevent accumulation of toxic and reduces fat formulation fat. It does not contain any ingredients lead to weight gain effect. However, different individuals might require varying periods of time to see desirable results due the difference between our bodies’ conditions. Some might see results in 14 days, while some might need few months to see the changes. Therefore, we suggest that customers to follow the instruction correctly and maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habit. Besides, it helps to see the result faster and sustain it in long term for people who gain fat easily.


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