Most Frequent Question

Will your product interact with any medications or other supplements that I am currently taking?

All the ingredients are derived from natural plant extract. However, we are encourage to consult a healthcare professional if you need a professional advice.

Is your product gluten-free?

Yes. All product is gluten-free.

Must I consume full TREATMENT PACKAGE?

It is strongly recommended to complete comprehensive program to see apparent result

Can I consume your product if I’m diabetes?

Technically, our products does not raise the blood glucose level. However, it is advisable that you consult your doctor before consuming any products.

Will I still be able to rest and sleep well at night after consuming?

Yes. Our product will not affect your quality of sleep technically.

Will I have diarrhea after taking Pro C +?

Pro C +is actually promotes healthy intestinal environment to encourage natural bowel movements. Thus, the first few days you might go to toilet more frequent as it helps to flush off the accumulated toxin.

Do I still require dieting or exercising?

You do not need a restrict plan for gaining weight loss result. However, we will recommend that you maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise regimen, as it is the best solution to achieving weight-loss goal in long-term.

Will the result rebound after stop consuming products?

No. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and regular exercise, you are very unlikely to regain the weight you’ve lost. However, improper lifestyle and imbalance diet will certainly influence the result.

Can I continuously taking products? Any effect of taking it long term?

There’s no restriction for you to taking it continuously, as our products are safety to consume which approved by KKM. We strongly recommend customers to consume with a period not less than 3 months.

Can I still take products if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

You are advised to consult your doctor or dietician before begin taking any products.

When should I stop taking products?

You can stop whenever you have achieved your targeted body size or see desired skin results. You may also choose to continue to maintain the results.

Is your products suitable for people with vegans?

Pro C + & Shui Lady is suitable to be consumed by vegans. SaiSho is not suitable as it made with marine collagen peptide as it proven that this type of collagen is most bioviabiltiy and absorbable by our body..

Is your product caffeine-free?

Yes, all products are free from caffeine.

Would Pro C + cause me to go to toilet more often?

This might occur during the first few days due to reactions to the accumulated toxin in your body. It will quickly resolve as the body will adapt to the newly enhanced metabolism.

Can I take two sachets of products to achieve faster results?

Yes. Customer can increase consumption based on condition

Do I need to drink a lot of water when I taking products?

Yes, we strongly suggest you drink more water preferably around 2 liter. Water plays important role in the process of boosting metabolism and adsorption.

How long will SaiSho take to see the effect?

Customers are normally can see the result within 15 days with boosting method. You will see larger changes on skin like lighter dark spots, scar, brighter skin tone and so on within 1 months. It depends on individual absorption condition.

Do I still need to apply sunblock or skin care products?

Yes. SaiSho is help to regenerate your skin from inner. Skin care products like sunblock, lotion and all that are essential protection layer from outer.


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